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Stone flour gift box products

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Product Details

Product Characteristics

It has flexible taste, rich wheat flavor, zero addition and high nutritional value, retains the original flavor of the wheat, and is the true natural green healthy food!

The stone-ground flour is the real return, also a real natural product, and the high-end fashion product with unique characteristics for high-end families and restaurants to cook food, and to buy for relatives and friends as gifts.  

Advantages of Stone-ground Flour

Low speed grinding and low temperature processing will not destroy the nutrients in the wheat, so the stone-ground flour retains the protein, gluten, carotene and other nutrients in the wheat to a greater extent, and especially the carotene in the flour is 18 times more than that in other flour.

Its low temperature grinding characteristic maintains the molecular structure of flour, and no additives retains the original flavor of wheat. The cooked wheaten food made with stone-ground flour tastes flexible, with rich wheat flavor and higher nutritional value, and is the real natural green health food!

Difference between Stone-ground Flour and Plain Flour

Stone-ground Flour

The flour is ground with scientifically-grooved stone millstone, is natural white and slightly yellow, and has gluten and wheat flavor. Its nutritional value will not lose and retain the original taste.

Plain Flour

The flour is finely ground with centrifugally-cast steel mill rolls. The flour is very white in color. When making the dough, little water is needed. The color of the dough will not change and nutrients will lose.

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